Night night

Before hayden lays down for bed, he has to say goodnight to a myriad of items/people. Tonights goodnights included: Hairdryer Vacuum Mixer Teddy Midnight Bobby It sounds like this: Hayden: “Nyny vacuum. Nyny hairdryer. Nyny vacuum. Nyny mixer. Nyny vacuum. Nyny teddy. Nyny vacuum. Nyny midnight. Nyny hairdryer. Nyny Bobby.”me: “goodnight mommy?”Hayden: “No. Nyny vacuum.”…

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Hayden sure does love his routines. At night, he has to read Goodnight Moon while holding his blanket (kampy) after brushing his teeth and drinking a glass of water. Tonight, however, i could not find Goodnight Moon. He didn’t want anything else – at all – but certainly wanted his story. Since I’ve read the…

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Two Pea Bah

Hayden continues to set the table (See original). This morning Hayden wanted protein. He went into the corner cupboard and reached for the peanut butter. Since one isn’t enough, he went for a second. When he put it on the table, he proudly exclaimed “two pea bah” for two peanut butters. We now know the…

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